GReddy Interior

GReddy Steering Wheels were developed and tested though our GReddy Racing pro-drift program. As with drifting, tuning enthusiast admire style as well as function. GReddy Steering Wheels provide the driver comfort, enhanced steering feel and improved interior styling.

Feel the comfort and precision of our billet, CNC shift knobs. The OEM style screw type mounting makes installation simple and secure. GReddy shift knobs offer excellent comfort for both side and overhand grips. The counter-weighted shift knobs are engineered with a heavy weight for a even better feel for hard shifts. 

 *WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

Item Type Size Description PART #
GReddy Shift Knob GR86 A04

Aluminum, Revised Diamond Shape - GR86 Spl. - NEW

Item: GReddy Shift Knob
Type: GR86
Size: A04

GReddy Shift Knob GSK-A04 - Specifically for the GR86 (GR Yaris)
    and other metric shifters with the correct thread pattern, size and the same larger 28mm Diameter lockout switch.

Product features

-Aluminum shift knob with height adjustment function
-A lineup of GReddy shift knobs for models with thick reverse lock levers. (φ28)  
Model example: GR 86 & GR Yaris 
-Compatible with 3 types of genuine shift lever screw sizes (M10P1.25, M10P1.5, M12P1.25).
-The mounting height can be adjusted steplessly. (Adjustment range: Approximately 15 mm ~)
-Highly rigid mounting with a metal adapter.



-Use by replacing with a genuine screw type shift knob.
・ For general-purpose, 6-speed transmission vehicles with reverse lock lever. (Vehicles with thick
 lock lever ) The outer diameter of the part that goes into the knob of the lock lever supports up to φ28.
・ Mounting weight: 185 to 191 g
* Please check the screw size of the genuine shift lever carefully.
* Check the screw specifications, reverse lock specifications, boot shape, etc. of the vehicle to be installed.

-Shift Knob body (machined aluminum, Twilight plating)
, Includes Screw adapter, three types (M10 × P1.25, M10 × P1.5, M12 × P1.25)
, lock screw
, shift pattern stickers five
· L Alanwrench

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